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When it comes to training our next workforce and attracting more skilled jobs to our state, Kansas technical colleges are at the forefront. For more than 50 years, our state's technical colleges have trained and prepared students to meet the ever-changing demands of today's employers.

  • Kansas technical colleges rank among the best in the country, with all seven colleges having ranked among the Top 10% in the nation of two-year colleges
  • Technical colleges have higher graduation rates than other Kansas higher education institutions, adding more than 40,000 highly-skilled graduates to our state's workforce.
  • Technical colleges are the fastest-growing in Kansas, with a 12.62% jump in enrollment last year compared to decreased enrollment at the state's other higher education institutions.
  • Job placement rates for Kansas technical college graduates remain consistently over 90%, with more and more employers turning to technical colleges for the training that meets their workforce needs.

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A technical college degree can prepare you for some of the economy's most in-demand careers.

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With seven technical colleges across the state, you can find a top-ranked college close to home.

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